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Why UK Electric Vehicle Owners Club?

I started the UKEVOC in 2014 about 2 months into EV ownership. Back in the early days of ownership the Internet seemed a very unhelpful place so this was my main driver to start the group. The aim was to help new owners and prospective owners see there was a viable alternative to petrol and diesel.

I have been involved with the motor trade all my life, repairing and selling cars. My father started Cambridge Motors Plumstead in 1959 so we have seen many changes in the automotive sector since then.

I bought my first EV in 2014 and this was replaced in February 2018. I have covered over 170,000 miles in electric vehicles now and safe to say, i won’t be going back to ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles. In the early days of EV ownership, the charging infrastructure was really hit and miss, but every year the improvement in the charging infrastructure has improved enormously. However, as for it being perfect that would require living in a perfect world. I personally feel the charging is becoming less of an issue because cars are having greater range and recent models can easily achieve 200 plus miles or greater

Electricity generation produced by much greener methods – such as solar and wind power. As long as there is the will, then surely there is a better way.


Gary Cambridge

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