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There are a few different types of connection that vehicles have, the latest standard for rapid charging is CCS basically this is a Type 2 and rapid in one.

Type 1

Type 2




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This is the part of ownership that seems the most complex, there are different types of method to activate and pay for the charge. Most networks will require some sort of membership to gain access to cheaper options.



Basically the first come is first served, when the vehicle is charged it should ideally be moved, if at all possible to allow others to us it. Sadly in life some people are helpful and others are not.

Rapid Chargers, these are often on main routes to allow a much faster charge so enabling long distance driving. If leaving the vehicle i will leave my contact number so if someone wants to use it i can say how long i intend on being. The cable is attached to the charger.

Destination chargers these are classed as fast. Often you see these at destinations such as supermarkets, car parks & at homes. You need to have your own cable Type 2 to Type 2 is the most popular cable you will need.

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This section will eventually have links and information to get a great deal on your electricity supply.

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EV repairers

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